Ahletashe Wiki


This page contains all the guidelines for the wiki. If you do not follow these rules you will be blocked eventually.

  • Only the following languages are allowed here:
  1. English
  2. Persian
  3. Urdu
  4. Arabic
  • No name-calling or insulting other people.
  • Keep your language kid friendly.
  • Don't spam. Spam includes off-topic messages, messages in "ALL CAPS", messages with repeating characters, advertisements and any messages that you post several times in a row and/or on several places.
  • Undo happens to everyone, so don't get upset when it happens to you. If you make an edit and someone clicks on Undo to change it back, they will usually tell you why they did that in the summary. If you really think the edit belongs there, add it back and be sure to say why in the summary.
  • Occasionally, we may have to leave a message on your talk page/message wall saying why something you did wasn't allowed. If it was an honest mistake, explain it to the admin who gave you the warning. If we have to tell you several times, then that usually means you are doing it deliberately. After two or three warnings, an administrator may place a block on your account. Blocks can be anywhere from an hour to a few days for minor problems, or weeks, months, a year or permanent if the problem is severe enough. If you are able to provide a reasonable explanation for what you did, the block may be shortened or removed before it would expire. Do not remove warnings from your talk page/message wall.
  • Only upload pictures related to the show. Exceptions might be made, depending on the content of the picture.
  • Files' names must be a short description of the contents and in English.
  • Before renaming an article, ask about it on the talk page of the article you wish to rename.
  • In the forum, be certain to post your threads in the proper board.
  • Do not restore messages that were removed by an admin. When in doubt, address the admin directly and ask them about it.
  • Do not remove replies or threads by other members unless they break a rule.
  • Do not edit another user's comment on a talk page.
  • Before changing an important item from an article (such as images), ask about it in the talk page. If you don't receive any replies, or if the consensus is that the change is a bad one, keep the article as it is.
  • If you do not follow the rules you will be blocked.(Blockage Period)